Greg Ondo

Field Marketing Manager,  Steinberg, North America

Greg Ondo is the Field Marketing Manager for Steinberg North America and has done over 2,000 seminars on music technology.  He has worked with many high profile clients including NPR, Electronic Arts, Hans Zimmer, Stevie Wonder, Peter Frampton, Grandmaster Flash and Phil Ramone.  Greg Ondo has worked on many projects and was awarded a prestigious TEC award for his audio engineering on Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD.  He graduated James Madison University with a Bachelor of Music Industry where he was also an accomplished bassist.

Evolution of computers and music over the last 30 years

Greg Ondo will discuss the evolution of computers and music over the last 30 years.  See the evolution unfold through discussions of sequencing, sampling, digital audio recording, digital editing, digital sequencing, digital signal processing, remote collaboration and even artificial musical intelligence.  He will demonstrate the evolution of advanced technologies that help people realize their musical creativity in new and exciting ways.