Call for Papers

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The First International Conference on Universal Village, Jan. 16-17, 2013, Beijing, China

This is the call-for-paper to cordially invite you to participate in the first International Conference on Universal Village (UV2013) to be held on January 16-17, 2013 in Beijing. MIT Universal Village Program at Intelligent Transportation Research Center (MIT ITRC) is the founding organizer of the conference. We are collaborating with Tsinghua University and Fujitsu Research Center in China to co-host the conference at Tsinghua University in Beijing. IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (IEEE ITSS) is the technical co-sponsor of the conference. Details of the conference are available at

The “Universal Village” represents our vision for the future society, and comprises the following aspects: multi-functional multi-format communities and a new life style incorporating the ideal mixture of city and suburban areas. The new vision demands a systematic top-down design approach to provide practical solutions to challenges arising from current urbanization trends and to improve the quality of life using modern technologies.

The conference will explore technologies that may bring true intelligence to the Universal Village as well as its major subsystems, including intelligent health care, intelligent transportation, intelligent environment, intelligent energy management and protection of the environment. The conference will address not only the design, development, implementation and engineering of the whole system and its intelligent subsystems, but also the technical details on infrastructure layer, informational layer and new materials, etc. The conference will focus on promoting the research on the integration and dynamic interactions among different components of urbanization and the dynamic impact of sub-components on the system as a whole. Furthermore, the conference will discuss how to effectively collaborate among different research fields and among different organizations including government, academic and industries. The conference will elaborate the regional and culture factors as well as their impacts on the choices of regional development paths and the key technologies appropriate for different countries and regions, and venues of potential international collaboration. Besides these technical aspects, the conference covers the human and social aspects of the Universal Village, the impact of the new vision on life style, economics, and future society.

Please submit your paper to Should you be interested in organizing a Special Session UV2013 in Beijing, please contact us at Please kindly be aware that there is no financial support provided for our invitees. All participants are required to register for the conference.

We very much look forward to seeing you in Beijing, 2013 !

With our best regards,

Professor Berthold K. P. Horn, General Chair of UV 2013
Dr. Ichiro Masaki, Founding Chair of UV 2013
Dr.Yajun Fang, Program Chair of UV 2013

Systems, Applications & Regional Factors

    Subsystems of the Universal Village
        Intelligent Environment
        Smart commercial and residential complexes, smart villages, smart communities, etc., focusing on:
            Intelligent security monitoring
            Intelligent information distribution & services
        Intelligent Transportation
            Intelligent technologies to enhance safety, efficiency & convenience
            Environmental friendly vehicles and other new emerging vehicles
        Intelligent Healthcare
        Intelligent & distributed hospitals, recuperation centers, intelligent senior houses, focusing on:
            Intelligent hospital administration & management technologies
            Intelligent healthcare monitoring & prediction
            Tele-medicine & assistive technologies
            Mobile-health and intelligent ambulance technologies
        Intelligent Energy Management & Environment Protection
        Intelligent adaptation based on human activities, health status, and weather conditions for buildings, community, or environment
    Interaction and Integration of Subsystems
        Interaction & mutual impact between whole system and its subsystems
        Interaction & mutual impact among subsystems
        Integration of subsystems and the design of the whole system
    Regional Factors and Future Directions
        Impact of regional factors on the system design
        Future research directions based on the demand of the whole system

Components & System Integration

    Hierarchical Layers & Components
        Infrastructure Layer
            Intelligent sensor & communication network
            Cloud and mobile computing
            Event-driven data compression & storage
            New materials, devices & components
        Informational Layer
            Multi-platform information retrieval & visualization, data sharing & data integration, data fusion & data mining (across TV net, mobile net, Internet)
            Smart response systems for emergency and accidents
    System Implementation
            Dynamic impact of subsystem implementation
            Large complex system theories
            Cultural and political factors
            Impact on future life style and society
            Inter-entity & international collaboration such as, collaboration among different government organizations, different companies, and different universities

 Formatting and Submission

Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers (up to 6 pages in length, A4 page only) electronically by email: IEEE conference paper format, MS-WORD or PDF versions

For any questions, send email to
Please submit papers to by Nov.20, 2012 if Chinese visa is required or Nov.30, 2012 if NO Chinese visa is required.
For more details, please refer to which will be available soon.