MIT’s Undergraduate Association Sustainability Committee

Students at MIT have the passion and energy to change the world for the better, and, as the UA Sustainability Committee, we want to help point that energy and passion toward environmental solutions. The three categories below are a few of our current efforts to put environmental issues into the student body consciousness. Most of our projects have dual practical and educational purpose, and as their success grows, a positive feedback loop of awareness and action will help MIT forward as a leader in sustainability.

Rebecca Sugrue attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a rising sophomore he plans to major in Civil and Environmental Engineering focusing on atmospheric chemistry and mechanics. She hopes to minor in Public Policy as well as Energy studies. Throughout her freshmen year, she served on MIT’s Undergraduate Association Sustainability Committee. The UA Committee on Sustainability is the undergraduate student government organization that promotes sustainability awareness and sustainable lifestyles through events, awareness campaigns, and projects on campus.