Jia Chen

Dr. Jia Chen is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University in the Wofsy-Munger Group on Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange. Her research is focused on urban greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. She is working on a method to determine the pollutant emissions in cities by measuring the column-averaged gas concentrations in the atmosphere, using the sun as a light source. This work involves the development of compact sun-tracking spectrometer, atmospheric modeling and network design. She is Co-Investigator of the National Science Foundation Project ”MRI: Acquisition of Mesoscale Network of Surface Sensors and Solar-tracking Spectrometers. Urban-to-regional scale measurements of greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions in Metro Boston.”

Jia Chen received her PhD degree in electrical engineering at Technische Universitaet München in collaboration with Siemens, where she developed hand-held laser-based gas sensors for industrial/household applications. She also worked on transmission method (CDMA) for powerline communication systems in automobiles for her diploma thesis at Universitaet Karlsruhe. She is a recipient of ITG dissertation award of the German EE society VDE and holds several patents related to her PhD and Diploma work.