Mr. Yazhi Guo  Artist/Educator

Widely known as “THE” best suona player in Asia, Mr. Guo was the winner of the 1998 International Pro Musicis award, and the 2012 Hong Kong Award for Best Artist. A graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Mr. Guo invented the “Flexible Core of Suona” that solved the problem of suona playing complicated modulations and temporary inflexions, allowing suona to play in orchestras and significantly broadening the expressive force of this instrument. Mr. Guo performed at the official State Banquet in Beijing for visiting President Clinton in 1998, as well as at CCTV and at several large-scale solo concerts entitled “Guo Yazhi’s Wind Music World: Legend of Suona” to a sold-out audience at prestigious venues in Hong Kong and China. Mr. Guo is a versatile and charismatic player. Aside from the suona, he can also play many other wind instruments such as pipes, sheng, piccolo, flute, xun (ocarina), cucurbit flute, saxophone and even a leaf from a plant! His musical talent, unique way of interpreting music, and personal charm have established a large following in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as changing people's attitude towards the suona – thereby inspiring many students to learn this musical instrument while helping promote this traditional instrument to be perceived as “fashionable” and “modern”

In 2012, Guo embarked upon a new journey to continue his musical career. He is studying Jazz at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Since his arrival, Guo has performed with the Planet MicroJam Institute at the Berklee Performance Center, for the Frank Withey Memorial Scholarship Foundation. He also lectured at Harvard University.

Horn the Future - A Dream of A Nation


China’s rise attracts attention worldwide, how should we introduce and promote our national culture under this context? Who is the next most influential country? Now we are starting a race.

Guo Yazhi, called as “The first Chinese Suona Player” ,“The best suona blower in the world”, is going to talk about his dream of stepping into the world stage.