Michael Chen (PhD Candidate, Department of Chemistry, MIT).

Michael graduated from Chu Kochen Honors College in Zhejiang University with a B.S. in physics. Now he is a Ph.D. Candidate studying computational chemistry at MIT. He has 5 papers published. In 2013, Michael co-founded a clean tech startup, PolymerGreen, which was sold. He is founding a smart LED lighting startup, Belleds Technologies, with MIT alumni. At MIT, Michael was serving the co-president of MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and the co-presidnet of MIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association. He also has working experiences in IBM China Research Laboratory and China Development Bank, a major state development bank in China. 

Title: The future of LED lighting 


Light-emitting diode (LED) has the potential to significantly reduce lighting energy use and slash greenhouse-gas emissions. However, the adoption of the LED light bulb in the U.S. has been stymied by an expensive price tag and the quality of light being different than traditional lighting. How can we accelerate the adoption of LED? What's the trend of LED lighting?