Submission Instruction

paper submission manual.pdf

Submit paper and pay registration fees

To submit a paper online for the International Conference on Universal Village in , or to pay registration fees for conference, please refer to the instructions below.

 To submit and review your papers as AUTHOR role
  • Click "Paper Submission" button on the left navigation bar.
  • Click My Workbench.
  • Click "CREATE CONTENT" tab at the top.
  • Click "Create content" button.
 Click My Woerkbench or Paper Submission to create, edit and manage your own papers.  Click CREATE CONTENT or Add content to select PAPERS in order to add your new papers.
  • Input Paper Title, select Paper Section, add Paper Memo in Body area;
  • Upload up to five Paper files;
  • Attention: Modify the state of paper before submission.
  • Click CREATE CONTENT to create a new paper;
  • Click MY DRAFT or MY CONTENT to review own papers;
  • Click TITLE to edit and modify own papers and attachemnts.


To review and update state of papers as REVIEWER role
Click NEEDS REVIEW tab, and you can review and modify all papers in your own sections. You can modify paper state, review and download paper attachments,or click EDIT DRAFT to check paper details.